About boxing and self-defense club


  • We believe that women can be as good fighters as  (or better) than men, e.g. click here
  • We do not believe (only) in Krav Maga – we believe in an efficient self-defense.That is why we teach how to strike as well as how to cope with punches and pain based on different self-defense systems (e.g. via Russian Self-Defense Systema).
  • Fighting sports should bring amusement and not injuries. We do not accept improper behaviour. Sparrings are to practice technique and not to harm a training colleague. If someone wants to realease your agression you are welcome to train on a boxing bag.
  • In the time of YouTube you do not need to join a training club to learn theory of self-defense or martial arts but this is the best way to practice techniques, REALLY learn self-defense, meet friendly training colleagues and get feedback from a professional trainer.
  • We believe that the most important is your motivation and not current physical condition. We are sure that any of below is an excuse to not to train:
    • I don’t feel good today
    • It’s raining /It’s too hot/too cold
    • I do not have other person to come with me
    • I cannot subscribe, I have to save money for other things (If you do not wish to pay even 1 frs, go here)
    • And what the handicapped should say that we train every Friday in Geneva?



Trainer and Geneva Boxing General Manager

Life is about how much you can get hit and keep moving forward.
Rocky Balboa/Silvester Stallone

License of boxing trainer

Boxing trainer license




Certificates as a Systema self-defense instructor



Kris with the Head Instructor of Russian Self-Defense Systema in Russia, Mikhail Ryabko


Kris with the Head Instructor of Russian Self-Defense Systema in Canada, Vladimir Vasiliev



Muay Thai Instructor License


With a Muay Thai Trainer, former champion in Thailand.


Late training with a Muay Thai Trainer.



Military and police training certificate Combat 56


Kris with the creator of Combat 56, Mayor Arkadiusz Kups


With Israeli Instructor of Krav Maga


During a training with police

Diet certificate

Diet diploma

Kris’ short biography:

  • owner and trainer of Geneva Boxing club from 2014
  • training as a trainer at Polish National Boxing Organisation PZB, granted successfully with a license as a boxing instructor in 2014 (license number 22/ATiS/IS/2014)
  • training as instructor at Systema HQ in Russian, granted successfully with the Systema self defense instructor license in 2015 by Head Chief Instructor Mikhail Ryabko, upgraded in 2016 to instructor level 2
  • diet diploma obtained in 2018
  • training in Bangkok, Pattaya and Singburi as instructor of Muay Thai, granted with a license in 2016
  • Combat 56 training with Polish police, security services and army in Puck in 2016
  • Krav Maga 2010-2014
  • training at Police Academy in Poland in 2007
  • security guard in 2004
  • training and fighting in various boxing and Muay Thai clubs in Germany and Switzerland 2008- 2014
  • Aikido course in 2010
  • training as masseur, granted successfully with 3 certificates in classical, sport, facial massage in 2015
  • marathon runner in 2014 and demi-marathon in 2012 in Geneva, rally competitor Batavierenrace in Netherlands in 2008
  • member and competitor of Polish Sport Organisation 2007- 2009
  • training yoga (Iyeangar and Ashtanga) from 2006
  • finalized 10 days Vipassana meditation course in 2014
  • speaks fluently English, French, German and Polish

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