Women Boot Camp in Self-Defense at the seaside


You will:

  • learn all basics of  self-defense (if you are a beginner) or improve your technique (as advanced)

  • loose some kilos and get in shape

  • visit one of the most beautiful part of Poland

  • try fresh fish with other traditional plates

  • be close to nature and see

Trainings in English with translation to French, if needed.

In program:

  • self – defense based on Krav Maga, Systema and Combat 56  (for beginners and advanced)

  • breathing techniques at the seaside

  • optionally touristic trip to some of the most beautiful and historical cities in Poland – Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot and around the bay on a boat (if there will be interest)

About Trainer

Kris is a self-defense instructor with 2 diplomas in Russian self-defense Systema with experience in Krav Maga. Former student of Police Academy and of Combat 56 with police and military.

Opinions about the self - defense course from previous participants:

I learned both ways – defending myself and striking. The seminar is good in having both lecturing and practical exeperience. I think you are great.


Good instructor and explanations. I’m more familiar with the idea of self-defense


I liked overview of all the techniques and how to use them step by step. The fact that the instructor is open to all sorts of questions was a really good point as well as knowledge of all sorts of martial arts.


It was a great course.


I liked small number of participants, almost like a private class.


Good, comprehensive course. I liked the social part of going out as well as that the instructor gave us options – so there is not only one solution to one attack.


Very good (course) and good value for money.


– Different techniques presented with advantages and disadvantages

-Small group

-Open for self-defense needs of a participants (specific cases/needs were added to the training if requested)


Thank you for trainings – it was very interesting and thank you for taught knowledge.


References are based on original written form and can be presented at request.


CHF 700, includes accommodation  in double room with bathroom. Breakfast and lunch at destination and single room are subject to additional fee).


Subscription and payment open until  1.08.2018.

Subscribe and pay by 20.07.2018 and we will provide obligatory self-defense equipment ( shin guards and women groin guardas a gift for you required for trainings (otherwise subject to a fee).





Poland, Puck (precise details will be shared with participants)


  • 3 outside trainings per day. Trainings finalized with an optional simulation of defense to test acquired skills.
  • accommodation by the seaside (3 min walking to sea) included in the price
  • in case of interest of all participants:  sightseeing of Gdynia and Gdanks, boat trip in Puck's bay and diving classes, visit to a seals zoo (all these items are subject to an additional fee).


in double rooms or at request single rooms (costs additional 10 frs per night) in Puck, Poland. All rooms are equipped in WiFi and shower with toilet.

Other things nearby you can take advantage of:

- tennis court
- snooker
- bowling

How to get there:


  1. (quickest  - around 3-5h) Fly to Gdanks, then take a train to Gdynia, afterwards train to Puck.
  2. (around 6-10h) Fly to Warsaw from Geneva, then take a train to Gdynia and afterwards trainPuck.
  3. (cheapest, around CHF 40-80 one way, can take 10 - 14h) Fly to Berlin Schoenefeld, then take Polski Bus to Gdansk http://www.polskibus.com/en/index.htm ) , then, like above, take a train to Gdynia, then train to Puck.

We can pick a child up  with a car and take directly from the airport in Gdanks, or from the city of Gdanks and Gdynia or other nearby cities that are close to the accomodation in Puck (subject to an additional fee, depending on a distance). Please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance before boot camp if you wish to order a transport via car.

All possible connections are available here - https://www.rome2rio.com/s/Geneva/Puck 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding travel and camp.


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Please note that number of places is limited.

After susbcription you will get all bank details to proceed with payment within 3 days (subscription without payment is not valid, after 3 working days subscription is cancelled if no payment is received by Geneva Boxing).


Couple Of Videos From Puck