Conditions Group Training

Conditions Group Training and Events


I am aware that the trainer does not take responsibility for any accidents happened during the training. I also confirm that I have an accident insurance. Moreover, I am aware that any person behaving improperly and being a risk for health of other participants or trainer will be excluded from trainings and not reimbursed. Student is asked to change their shoes before training. Upon subscription student needs to have his/her own boxing gloves and wraps. Upon subscription student needs for self-defense the following equipment: shin guards, mouthguard and groin guard; otherwise he/she will not be able to train some of the exercises due to the risk for his/her health as well as training colleagues.

For full contact English boxing sparring the minimum equipment consist of: boxing gloves min. 16OZ, a helmet with nose protection and mouth guard. For half-contact boxing sparring the minimum equipment consist of: standard boxing gloves (not bag gloves) and mouth guard.

Any payments for a course must happen before the start time of training as well as before end of a subscription if a student decides to continue participation in trainings, otherwise subscription fee is charged again.

In case, if a trainer changes a date or time of standard training and will offer an alternative date or time for a training, a student has right to choose to either come for replacement training or notify a trainer minimum 3 working days before an alternative training’s date that he/she cannot participate in this training – in the second case Student will get a 1 more training to his/her subscription.

Student takes responsibility for the equipment used during training being part of Geneva Boxing and in case if he/she damages it, he/she will need to cover the full cost (defined by Geneva Boxing) of equipment within 1 week since the moment of damage, otherwise he or she will be excluded from trainings, not reimbursed and still will need to cover the costs of training materials.

The Geneva Boxing club takes no responsibility for any items that belong to a participant of course. No reimbursement for paid trainings and subscription is provided.

In case if Student rents out from Geneva Boxing gloves or any other equipment, Student is obliged to return the items at the end of his/her subscription in a not damaged state and always wear boxing wraps with rented gloves, otherwise the caution for gloves or any other rented item will be not returned to a student.

In case if at the start of a class no person comes for a training and trainer receives no SMS on his mobile within 5 minutes after start of the class that a student is late, the class is cancelled and not repeated.

I confirm that I understood and accepted the above conditions.

I confirm that I am minimum 18 years old or that my parents know the conditions above and accept them as well.



The payment for trial sessions can be fully deducted from a price of subscription, if a person subscribes and does the full payment by the end of 2 weeks trial. In that case first training in terms of subscription must start immediately after last trial training.