Conditions Private Training

Conditions Private Training

I am aware that the trainer does not take responsibility for any accidents happened during the training. I also confirm that I have an accident insurance. Moreover, I am aware that any person behaving improperly and being a risk for health of other participants of the course or trainer will be excluded from trainings and not reimbursed. Customers are asked to change their clothes and shoes before a training. Customers take responsibility for the equipment used during training being part of Geneva Boxing’s equipment and in case if they damage it, they will need to cover the full cost of equipment defined by Geneva Boxing within 1 week since an accident.

A customer is obliged to notify a trainer minimum 3 working days (i.e. 72 hours) before the set up time of class that he/she cannot participate in a training, otherwise 1 hour is deducted from a training hours package or 50 frs is charged (in case of payment per training) if there is still minimum 5 hours to start of the scheduled training. Afterwards, i.e. in case if notification will be sent by a customer later than 5 hours before the start of training, full training is charged. The trainer waits for a customer 10 minutes after the start of training. If within this time the customer does not appear and a trainer will not get a message on his mobile number, a training is cancelled and full time of training is charged. No reimbursement for paid trainings is provided. The Geneva Boxing club takes no responsibility for any items that belong to a participant of course.  No reimbursement for paid trainings and subscription is provided.

Invoice needs to be requested before a training. Geneva Boxing reserves itself right to refuseto provide an invoice after the training was given.

Should customer fail to settle their payment obligations in whole or in part, all outstanding amounts owed to Genveva Boxing for any training or pruchase become immediately due (within 8 calendar days from the first reminder for prepayments). Geneva Boxing may request immediate payment and suspend any further services or product deliveries to the customer.
Geneva Boxing levies an administrative charge of CHF 10.– from the second reminder and CHF 20.– from the third reminder. Should the reminders be unsuccessful, the invoiced amount may be contracted to a Office de Poursuite in Geneva. In such an event, an additional effective annual interest rate of up to 15% may be invoiced for the owed amount as from the due date of payment.

A package of training hours is valid for 3 or 6 months (depending on a package you chose) from the date of payment for the package or signing this document (whichever was first) or date of the first training (in case of next packages bought). After these 6 months the package is not valid anymore and no reimbursement for missing training is provided.

I confirm that I understood and accepted the above conditions.

I confirm that I am minimum 18 years old or that my parents know the conditions above and accept them as well.