Mixed Self-Defense

About training: includes the explanation of self-defense technique based on case studies and practical exercises, leveraging unique self-defense equipment. Techniques based on the following self-defense systems:

  • street self-defense,
  • Krav Maga,
  • Systema,
  • Combat 56,
  • some MMA and Muay Thai techniques applicable in a street fight,
  • and other.

Explanation when to use a specific defense and boosting myths about some of the fictional self-defense techniques. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a technique.

You will learn how to defend againt a real person.


Language: English (with translation to  French if needed)

Trainer: training conducted by Kris Rogoza, diploma in Russian self-defense, trainer of civil and military self-defense, former student of Police Academy in boxing.

Please check our calendar to see the places and time of trainings. Please click here to check prices.

Some of the things that you will learn:

  • proper defending position, movements,coping with thieves and other high-risk situations open discussion with participants and setting up a training program based on their needs
  • punching
  • kicking
  • elbows strikes
  • knee strikes, headbutt
  • punching defense
  • kicking defense
  • using pepper spray
  • fighting from a ground
  • terrorist attack self-defense (explosion, how to hide, how to escape)
  • defense of close ones (children, older people)
  • coping with stress and pain during fight
  • knife defense and basic training on how to use it if necessary
  • defense against choke and grips 
  • gun defense 
  • defense against more than 1 person 
  • coping with a thief and animals (e.g. a dog)
  • using other self-defense items (like keys, pen, magazine, strap, etc.)
  • how to survive during terrorist attack
  • how to punch stronger, coping with a sucker punch  (Spetsnaz technique)
  • advanced kicking and defense
  • defense against  heavy weapons (e.g.baseball bat, skateboard, etc.)
  • the most effective combinations to knock-out an opponent quickly and escape
  • practical exam in self-defense based on two levels

Training plan can be adapted based on group demands and the progress of students.


  • no physical conditions regarding being fit
  • sport clothes and light shoes (e.g. tennis ones) for change
  • mma grapling gloves
  • groin guard (man or women)
  • mouth guard
  • shin guards

All equipment can be bought from trainer if needed.


Opinions about the course from previous participants:

– Tout les femmes devraient apprendre ce type de cours – ça donne confiance (all women should start this type of trainings – it improves self-confidence)

– Prof competent (skilled trainer)

– Les techniques sont excellentes ( presented techniques are great)

– On apprend beaucoup de techniques très variées (you can learn a lot of different techniques)


I learned both ways – defending myself and striking. The seminar is good in having both lecturing and practical exeperience. I think you are great.


Good instructor and explanations. I’m more familiar with the idea of self-defense


I liked overview of all the techniques and how to use them step by step. The fact that the instructor is open to all sorts of questions was a really good point as well as knowledge of all sorts of martial arts.


It was a great course.


I liked small number of participants, almost like a private class.


Good, comprehensive course. I liked the social part of going out as well as that the instructor gave us options – so there is not only one solution to one attack.


Very good (course) and good value for money.


– Different techniques presented with advantages and disadvantages

-Small group

-Open for self-defense needs of a participants (specific cases/needs were added to the training if requested)


Thank you for trainings – it was very interesting and thank you for taught knowledge.


References are based on original written form and can be presented at request.