Group trainings in Boxing & Fitness and Systema & Self-Defense


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Time Monday Wednesday
18:45-19:45 English Boxing
19:30-20:30 English Boxing


Mixed self-defense, Systema and  Combat 56

(Russian Systema, techniques based on Krav Maga, Polish Combat 56, stress & pain resistance)

To fully enjoy the trainings we recommend to acquire this equipment for trainings:

Please contact us if you wish to pay CHF30 less for the equipment above.

Group training experience (shared by Chand, finance)

Group training experience (shared by Layan, student)

Do you want to learn boxing, self-defense, get fit and/or get rid of stress ...?

We guarantee

  • - to teach you boxing from scratch up to Mike Tyson level
  • - increase of your physical condition even you if you are not fit
  • - improvement of your self-confidence via effective self-defense based on 3 different military systems
  • - improvement of your health, better understanding of your body and decrease of stress via Systema breathing techniques and coping with pain
  • - safe, friendly and respectful for each person environment where no brutality is accepted and each person can train what and how he/she preferes (e.g. no one is forced to do sparrings)

Please check this site to see the map how to find our club and click on our calendar to verify time of trainings. Please click here to check prices.

If you wish to participate, please fill in the form and come 15-25 minutes before your first training: