How we train

Each training consists of different exercises to get you interested.  Basically there are 4 elements:
1. cardio and bodybuilding exercises for weight loss, good health and fighting efficiency
2. boxing techniques  – consisting of boxing technique, fitness and half- (no face hits) or full sparrings (for interested)
3. self-defense – all the things that you need to know to defend yourself, if you are attacked, if an opponent has a knife or gun, or there are more opponents

4. professional stretching based on yoga and pilates to avoid muscle tensions and improve your flexibility as well as breathing exercises



Our basic languages of classes is  English, but if needed we speak French, German and Polish, basics of Russian as well.

Below you can find out about the equipment that you can use during our trainings(click directly on a tool to find out more).

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Boxing includes among others:

  • straight punches, hooks, uppercuts from straight and bowed position,
  • advanced ballistic striking (Systema),
  • boxing stand and movement,
  • defense against each kind of punch,
  • Systema defense,
  • combos,
  • practice of boxing techniques with partner and different boxing items,
  • light and full contact sparrings,
  • feints and boxing tricks,
  • roundhouse (low, middle and heigh),push, side and back – kick,
  • knees and elbows.

In terms of boxing you can do a sparring if you wish (i.e. no one is required to do that).

For English boxing half-sparrings (only hits to body) it is required to have a mouth guard (recommended 2 layers).

For English boxing full contact sparrings it is required to have:

  • mouth guard,
  • boxing gloves min. 16 OZ for men and 14 OZ for women,
  • a boxing helmet with nose protection (of full shield).

For Muay-Thai full contact sparrings it is required to have additionally apart from above:

  • shin guard,
  • groin guard.

Self-defense includes among others:

  • use different parts of body to counter-attack: punches, arms, kicks, elbow,finger and knee strikes, headbutt,
  • defense against multiple opponents,
  • defense against an opponent with a knife, pistol, revolver, granade, long heavy item (e.g. skateboard, steel pipe, etc.),
  • defense against chokes and threat coming from behind,
  • using different self-defense items to defend yourself (e.g. pepper spray),
  • defense in different environments and using it for your advantage(e.g. how to  defend yourself in a pub, car etc.),
  • exercises with a partner and (in case of dangerous techniques) materials reflecting human’s body,

For self-defense sparrings (if you wish to do) it is recommended to have full Muay-Thai equipment (please look above in boxing section).

Apart from that:

  • breathing and stress reliving exercises,
  • yoga stretching for fighters (e.g. to avoid round-shaped back typical for boxers or to improve your kicking height),
  • exercises to cope with pain in fight and daily life,
  • and a lot more!