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  • Do you feel a back pain or headache?
  • Do you want to loose weight or cope with cellulite?
  • Do you face a lot of stress in your private or business life and you want to relax in a healthy way?
  • Are you recovering from a injury?
  • Do you wish to make a gift for someone?

If at least you answered yes, then we recommend you to book a massage.

What we offer:

  • Russian massage – massage based on classical Russian sticks to cope with heavy tensions in the back and stress, with DSCN5911healing features. The strongest of all massage techniques recommended for everyone, who need a good, efficient massage, business(wo)men and sportsmen.
  • worksite (office) massage – a massage in clothes and without oil on a massage chair. Can be conducted at your place of work.
  • sport massage – a set of massages to prepare for a sport competition, used also in a regeneration and healing process after a competition.
  • classical healing massage  – standard massage used to get rid of tensions in your body, also used as a healing massage. For the best healing effect we recommend a set of 10 massages, maximum 3 times per week. Can be done at almost any part of body. Partial includes a part of body indicated by a clients. Complete massage takes around 1 hour and includes:
    • back
    • front and back of arms and legs
    • front and back of arms and hands
    • neck
    • alternative body parts for above (at request of a client): stomach, chest, lower waist area, face.
  • relax massage – a massage to relax physically as well as psychologically your body.
  • kinesiotaping for any injury.DSCN5914
  • Chinese cupping massage – massage against cellulite with usage of Chinese rubber cups
  • modeling massage – a massage to loose weight, based on a stronger version of classical massage.
  • cosmetic facial massage – a very relaxing massage for face recommended in case of headaches or to relax.
  • isometric massage – a massage to regenerate a part of body after an initial healing process, used e.g. in case of muscle’s decline process
  • contralateral massage – a massage used in case of injury of a leg or arm (broken, skin problems, other injuries), conducted on another leg/arm to accelerate process of healing

Massage can be done at our office (Rue des Minoteries 11, 1205 Genève- tram 12 stop “Augustins”) or directly at your home. Please find belowe are diplomas confirming professional qualifications in named above massage techniques:





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