Clairbois – free trainings for handicapped center in Geneva

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We work as volunteers for Clairbois – every Friday we provide a free Boxing, Self-Defense and Muay Thais training. Apart from that we contribute to ClaiBois’ events.

John Hopkins Medicine Institute in US – financial support of a reasearch for amputees




Names of donors: Zacheria, Richard, Tim

We cannot fully enjoy our trainings: doing push-ups when there are people without arms or running when there are people who lost legs. That is why we help.

The institute John Hopkins is working among others on a technology to develop replacements of body parts for persons after amputations or missing body parts like arms or legs.

That is why invite you to provide donations. Any payment for a training exceeding the prices will be provided for that cause.

Otherwise, you can provide a donation via:

(In the “Please designate my gift to” area, select Adult Trauma and Critical Care, and then in the “Please describe” area, type “Support Dr. Albert Chi and the MPL Program.”)


Some of our former voluntary actions:

  • We financed toys for children from an orphanage in Poland, Glogow in 2014 together with the organisation GDMG(Kris)P1030242


  • We supported a skiing event with handicapped children from Clair Bois (Berengere and Kris)
    P1070505 P1070502


  • And other events for handicapped