Private trainings

Personal training experience (shared by Thomas, IGO)

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Private trainings give you a flexibility of choosing a proper time for you as well as the form of your training. We will provide a training:

  • 100% adapted to your preferences and performance
  • at any time chosen by you
  • every time we meet, you will get a new home workout adapted to your objectives and progress
  • you can contact us at any time via email or phone for guidance regarding your home training program
  • we will guide you within diet if you want to loose weight or gain muscles
  • you receive a free boxing equipment if you buy more hours (details here)
  • you never loose any training since you can postpone them
  • if you wish directly at your home, company, gym or any other place
  • you can get significant discounts if you buy more hours or in other cases – please check the link with prices below
  • in one of the following languages: English, French, German, Polish
  • you can train with others – then the price is shared between maximum 4 participants

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Our trainers have an experience and license as a Boxing trainer.

Please feel free also to visit the profile of our trainers here.

If you wish to subscribe for our private training, please fill in
the form below:

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There can be 4 persons participating in a personal training within the same price  like for 1 person (for bigger groups each person is charged  addtionally 25 frs  per hour of training).

Payment for private trainings or minimum 50 frs needs to be booked on our bank account minimum 3 working days before the day of training (in case if you wish to train in our dojo). We will share the Geneva Boxing bank details upon your reservation.

All trainings hours need to be used within 6 months from the moment of payment.

After filling the form, you can proceed with a payment according to the price list (please contact us to get the bank account details).

You can also do the rest of payment just before a training.

Please note that Geneva Boxing does not take responsibility for any accidents happened during the training, nor take any responsiblity for items that belong to a person. Via sending this form you also confirm that you have an accident insurance.

All conditions are stated on the following website "Conditions Private Training":




Below you can find out about the equipment that you can use during our trainings(click directly on a tool to find out more).

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Please feel free to have a look at our packages helping you to reach your objective for a fair price.

Get slim

= 10 x 1.5 h boxing fitness + 10 x 1h intensive modelling massage + tipps for a diet

This package will help you to loose weight via exercises and proper diet.

Get more confident

= 10 x 2 h boxing and self defense classes

You will learn:

  • within boxing-you will get to know all basics of English boxing up to amatour competitor level.
  1. guard and movement
  2. punching straights
  3. hooks
  4. uppercuts
  5. defense against straights
  6. defense against hooks
  7. low punches
  8. moving and punching
  9. feints and pivoting
  10. breathing and accelarated punching usings body flexibility
  • self-defense-you will learn basics of Krav Maga and Systema self-defense:
  1. proper defending position, movements,coping with thieves and other high-risk situations open discussion with participants and setting up a training program based on their needs
  2. punching
  3. kicking
  4. elbows strikes
  5. knee strikes, headbutt
  6. punching defense
  7. kicking defense
  8. using pepper spray
  9. taking opponent to the ground and coping with a situation if you fell down
  10. coping with stress and pain during fight
  11. practical exam in self-defense

Get more healthy

= 5 x 1h classical massages + 10 x 1.5h relaxing massage+ 10 x 1h fitness classes


Training includes fitness, bodybuilding, stretching based on yoga and pilates, breathing and anti-stress exercises.