Reasons to train with us

Our references:

Couple personal training experience

Personal training experience (shared by Thomas, IGO)

Group training experience (shared by Tim, schoolboy)

Personal training experience (shared by Ed, finance industry)

Personal training experience (shared by Richard, entrepreneur in finance industry in Switzerland and Germany)

Group training experience (shared by Chand, finance industry)

Group training experience (shared by a student of University of Geneva)

“GenevaBoxing for 2 months now and it was a great way for me to have my first boxing experience ! Overall I find trainings very adapted to your own fitness and your own skills. I would say it is very suitable for beginners who want to have their first boxing experience and you can easily make progress.

I really appreciate the fact that at GenevaBoxing trainings are always different. You always work on different aspects (stomach and neck muscles, balance, yoga, stamina, breathing)but the goal is always the same : self-defense !”

Yoann T.

“I have mild pain in my low back. And I mostly stand about 10 hours for my job. My body is tired. I wanted to refresh so I had Kris’ massage. Before he did massage he asked me about my body condition to find out better way of massage. He confirmed my problem and selected a massage style.

His massage was very soft. I didn’t feel any pain. His massage made my blood flowing smoothly.  I was refreshed the next morning. I was tired a bit during work, but it was better than normal days,  my body resisted tiredness a bit.I recommend his massage very much.”

Yu K.

“Very nice guy – my 17years old daughter attends his trainings – I can highly recommend boxing lessons with Kris.”

Monika S.

“In the time I attended the classes, I was able to see a lot of improvement in strength, coordination and agility, and this is due to the fact that the trainings are very complete, not only with boxing technique but also with yoga and Pilates exercises, for strengthening and flexibility, as well as cardio exercises for stamina. Overall it was an excellent first attempt at boxing for me, it helped me achieve the current goals I had for the training.”

Gabriela P.

“First of all I have to tell you that I really enjoy the trainings especially that now we started the sparring. I am looking forward to learn more and more combination both in boxing and self-defence. I have already realized that I can do much more from the exercises than in the beginning (especially with the jumping rope).”
Eszter P.
“I had a luck to train at GenevaBoxing during the autumn 2014. I didn’t know anything about boxing or self defense before joining this club which undoubtedly deserves to be better known in Geneva. Trainings are adaptated for each person while keeping a very professional dimension.
I would recommend this club for anyone who wants to begin or advance in boxing, selfdefense, yoga and sports in general.”

Berangere A.

Some reasons to join our club:

  1. We are experts in the area of health. Regardless if you have serious injury or just want to loose weigh, we can help you because we:
    1. we are students of physical therapy in Geneva
    2. we have diplomas in diet
    3. we are professional masseurs with diplomas
  2. Each training is different. We vary the exercises every training, make sure that you enjoy the trainings as well as advance. We integrate semi-circuit training in warm-up.
  3. The persons that trusted our trainings very often come from big international companies like Japan Tabacco International, J.P. Morgan, McKinsey, Novartis, Procter & Gamble, Thomson Reuters, etc. or MSc/PhD students of top Universities and Business Schools in the world.
  4. We absolutely DO NOT accept brutality in our trainings. Sparring are done under the supervision of trainer. Besides, we do not push anyone to do sparrings. If you want to avoid being hit in boxing, we will give you an alternative exercise focusing on boxing fitness.
  5. Small groups – group trainings have 8-14 people so that you can be sure that a trainer will approach you and we will never leave you alone with a boxing bag! You can even ask trainer for home workout because we REALLY care about your progress! (check references at the bottom of this site)
  6. We listen to you and appreciate your feedback to bring you top benefit from our trainings.
  7. We have one of the biggest selection of martials arts, self-defense and fitness equipment to practice – more than 31 different training supports – click here to see them.
  8. Geneva Boxing gives you to practice boxing or self-defense in the most healthy way. So far we had no injuries done during our training as we really make sure that you wear appropriate protective gear and we do not allow aggressive behavior during a sparring. And we still keep a realistic level of exercises!
  9. Have you ever felt unconfident or wanted to loose weight? Or maybe simply spend enjoyable time on learning some new skills? If you at least said yes, our classes are definitely for you! 🙂
  10. We speak fluent 4 languages (including English and French)
  11. We offer unique self-defense trainings, not only focusing on Street Fight, but also take inspirations and techniques from other self-defense systems, like Systema, Krav Maga, Combat 56 and  martial arts, like MMA, Taekwondo, Aikido, Muay Thai, Kickboxing to provide effective self defense.
  12. We provide contact 24 hours per day with usage of IT technology – you can send an email to a trainer, post a question on Facebook and Twitter, call via Skype and even use a mobile app.
  13. We offer different promotions for new members and subscribers (e.g. bonus trainings)
  14. We have international martial arts experience and professional license in boxing and self-defense
  15. We give your body everything that you need: fitness, cardio, proper stretching to strengthen muscles even in your lower back, neck, jaw and fingers
  16. We recommend specific trainings based on your physical health – just let us know about your injury
  17. We offer fair prices, but still we are keen on delivering the highest quality
  18. With us you’ll advance – we help you to meet your personal objective, whether you want to master sparrings, learn how to efficiently use self-defense against an opponent with knife or start to do push-ups on one hand. You can always ask a trainer and have a consultation to progress.
  19. We provide special trainings and deals for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. to keep you motivated and bring in something fresh.
  20. Some of benefits of our trainings:

    – full relaxation (nothing relax so good as hitting a boxing bag!),

    – concentration,

    – strategic thinking in a stressful situation like sparring,

    – condition and stamina improvement,

    – positive attitude and self confidence,

    – great way to meet other people with the same passion.

How you can advance during our trainings for instance?

  • 1st stage – push ups


  • 2nd stage – push ups on one hand


  • 3rd stage – push ups on fingers (all, 4, 3 and so on until the Bruce Lee level!)