1. I’m not in shape/I am a beginner in boxing (or self-defense)/I have never done any martial arts in my life. Can I still join your club?
    This is one of the main reasons why you should train with us! We have persons training at different level, mostly beginners.
    But if you are not sure if you catch up with others, we recommend private classes for only you of for you and your boy/girlfriend, husband/wife, children, friends etc. who are at the similar level. We adopt then training to your personal performance.
    And yes, you’ll definitely loose some kilos, feel more confident and better if you follow our trainings!
  2. Do you offer trials/cours d’essai?
    Please check this site.
  3. How much it cost?
    Please check the price list. 
  4. Do I need to do sparrings (fight against other person as a part of training in boxing or self-defense)?
    No, if want to avoid sparrings, you will train other boxing exercises with a group that focus more on the fitness part of training.
  5. Where and when are trainings?
    Please check the calendar of trainings (it is always up-to-date)If you are not sure, how to find these places, please go to http://genevaboxing.ch/contact
  6. What kind of trainings you offer?
    – Boxing based on English boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai
    – Self-Defense based on Krav Maga, Systema, Combat 56
    – Private and group trainings
    – Women seminars on self-defense
    – Aero-Boxing
    – trainings for companies at their place
    – seminars in other cities than Geneva
  7. What do I need for the first training?
    – E.g. T-shirt, shorts, light shoes with flat soles for change (e.g. tennis, boxing shoes). But any other sport clothes should be OK.
    – boxing gloves and wraps (that you can also buy or rent from us)
    – if you seriously think about training self-defense or Muay-Thai, shin guard, mouth guard, men or women groin guard (that you can also buy or rent from us)
    – If you plan to do sparring a mouth guard, gloves minimum 16OZ for men and 14OZ for women and helmet, for kickboxing/Muay-Thais/self-defense sparring additionally shin guard, groin guard, elbow and knee guards, breast guard for women (we also rent out this equipment).
    – Motivation to come to our place – and from there we can give you more!! 🙂
  8. What language is used during the classes?
    English, but if needed we translate to French, German, Polish and basic Russian, Swedish, Norwegian as well.
  9. Why English boxing is mixed with self-defense?
    English boxing is a best way to improve your condition, acceleration, reflex and strength, which you need in self-defense. Self-defense without minimum physical fitness will not help.
    On the other hand, self-defense will improve your boxing punch or kick, balance, give a possibility to do knife sparrings (of course with safe, training knives)  and will enable you to integrate knowledge from different martial arts (like Muay-Thai,  Taekwendo, MMA etc.).
  10. Why your training is unique?
    – we give you everything what you need: self-defense, boxing, cardio, stretching (also based on yoga and pilates for fighters)
    – each training has different exercises
    – we also give you exercises to relax after stressful day and to cope with pain, like for example lower or upper back, tensions in a body, etc.
  11. What if my X-part of body is injured?
    Start from a consultation with a doctor. If he/she agrees for you to participate in a training, inform us in advance about your injury and we will make sure that you will do proper exercises.
    Also, we can offer you a massage, inluding sport massage and kinesio taping for persons actively training sports.
  12. What if I can’t participate in the training at the defined times and days?
    Try private trainings.
    You can also split the costs between other persons who’ll train with you, according the number of persons.
    In any case please contact us, provide preferred days of week and we will put you on the waiting list for private training with more persons or maybe, if we have a minimum of 5 persons, create a new time for a group training.
  13. The trainings are too expensive!
    Sometimes, if we need more students, we provide a discount or a sport gift. Also, if you come with more persons for a training and we have still some training space, you might be granted with a discount.
    However, if you say that the trainings are too expensive, please give us a comparison. Basically, based on our prices and number of hours of training we are one of a martial arts club in Geneva with lowest prices. Please also consider the central location of our training place, advanced Muay Thai, Fitness, Krav Maga and Boxing equipment used, our licenses as a trainer, international trainer seminars to provide the highest quality of trainings, creation of this website and costs of all this things, before you think that something is too expensive 🙂
    Regarding private trainings – if you train with more people we split the costs accordingly, e.g. for 4 people you pay only 25% of price.
  14. I don’t live in Geneva and can’t come to you for training. Will you organise a training in X (e.g. Nyon)?
    If you are ready to cover the cost of our transport and buy more hours, we are happy to have a talk with you:) Additionally, we will provide you with online consulting including videos with exercises and home work out routine plan to help you advance, even if we are not F2F. We can also organize a one or half-day seminar in your town (assuming that you will have more persons to train with you).
  15. How I can pay for training?
    Cash before first classes (please come minimum 15 minutes in advance for your first training) or bank transfer minimum 3 working days in advance (ask us for bank details before classes). No cards are accepted. Please note we can provide an invoice at request.