Worhshop: How I got rid of lower back pain? Exercises and self-massage techniques.

How I got rid of lower back pain?

Based on a practical application by a trainer with his students as well as personal experience
– appropriate position during sleep, sitting, standing and pick up objects
– what exercises you probably do for your back and why you should avoid them
– exercises based on calistenics and physical therapy as well as based on method authors: McKinse, Egoscue, Weisberg, Egloe and others
– self-massage techniques
Trainer: Kris is a sports trainer with a diploma as masseur and dietitian. He suffered from different injuries through his sport career and through studies of different methods and via tests of different exercises he successfully eliminated his problems.
For who? : Any person suffering because of lower back pain in a long term. However, if you had an accident combined with back injury, surgery, cancer, had a surgery in the last 3 months or any other similar situation, we recommend you to consult your doctor.
Duration: 2 x 1 hour
Price: CHF 30 for 2 meetings
Dates and time: Monday 15.10 and 22.10.2018 at 7:45-8:45pm
Address: Rue de Minoteries 11, 1205 Geneva (in the building of ClairBois). Please use entrance from the right side of building as indicated on the map that you can find here:
We recommend you to come 15 minutes in advance if you have never visited our club.
Number of places is limited.
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