“Communist”* Boot Camp in Boxing and Self-defense


in Grodno, Belarus



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* Please note the "communist" term is used only as a entertainment theme of boot camp and has absolutely neither political objectives nor promotion of any political views.

You will:

  • learn all basics of boxing & self-defense (if you are a beginner) or improve your technique (as advanced)

  • enjoy fresh air in high quality hotel based in a Belarussian forest

  • defenitely be back in shape and more motivated to train

  • lose some kilos as a great step into 2020 objectives

  • meet people similar to you who are not afraid to try something new

  • visit one of the most beautiful part of Belarus

  • try (Bela)Russian cusine (only chance to try cheap caviar!!!)

  • meet friendly Belarusians

  • enjoy low price attractions and products

  • get free goodies from communist period 🙂





In program:

  • boxing trainings based on English and Muay Thai style (for beginners and advanced)

  • self – defense based on Krav Maga, Systema, WCS and Combat 56  (for beginners and advanced)

  • stretching

  • breathing techniques

  • trainings will take in a forest next to a hotel equipped in a external sports center

  • "evening cinema" - every evening different movies from communist period will be displayed (different types: comedy, drama, etc)

  • at request visit of the old town and castles

Garrett about a previous boot camp

Morty about a previous boot camp


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Early bird price CHF 600 until 11.11.2019,

Afterwards CHF 750.


Your payment needs to be booked on our account latest by 15th December 2019.

Price  includes accomodation in a high quality hotel in a 4-persons room.

Additional nights and private acoomodation of different quality can be bought. Please check details below.


What you get:

  • 3 trainings per day in nature in a forest (apart from first and last day with 1 longer training)
  • trainer will be available every day so that you can put a question at any time
  • accomodation for nights 28.12.19-31.12.2019 (check out in the morning of  01.01.2019).


in 4 person rooms or at request (if available) single rooms in Grodno, Belarus.

4-persons room

Studio - additional fee CHF 95 for 4 nights

Small lux room - additional fee CHF 302 for 4 nights

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Other things you can take advantage  of in Grodno:

  • Russian food
  • museums
  • castles
  • typical Russian sauna (bania)


How to get there:


  1. (Quickest)Fly to Minsk from Geneva, then take a bus or train to Grodno. In that case you should automatically get a free of charge visa for 30 days assuming that you leave Belarus via airport in Minsk.
  2. (Cheapest) Fly to Warsaw from Geneva, then take a train to Bialystok, change for a train to Grodno. (In that case you may need support to get a 5 days visa for Grodno only. Please contact us for more details, if you plan to take this way as we can help you with this visa).


All possible connections are available here: https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Geneva/Hrodna

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding travel and camp. We are here to help you organize your holidays:)


  • you do not have to be fit, open for advanced as well as total beginners
  • boxing wraps and gloves
  • for self-defense groin guard, shin guards, mouth guard and boxing helmet with a mask

All martial arts items can be also acquired from shop.genevaboxing.ch - order need to be placed at least 3 weeks before the start date)

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