Breathing Workout

Example of exercise (English)
Exemple d’exercice (français)

In order to join this workout you have to fill in the form below minimum 2 days in advance before joing this session. Please click on the link below:
After your participation in first session, in order to join you need to let us know each time via contact form minimum 2 days before the workout. Please click on the link below if you join you are joing the session again.

Do you:
  • train sports regularly and want to improve your performance,
  • have respiratory sickness like asthma, allergies and other lung problems,
  • want to improve your cardio, start to run but you are gasping for air,
  • live in a polluted area like city center, busy roads or close to factories/ mines,
  • have any concerns regarding viruses attacking your respiratory system?
Or  you have a family member of friend that applies to above?
Then please feel free to join/share this online BREATHING WORKOUT.
We’ll do together:
-combination of relaxation,
-commando breathing,
-Systema breathing ,
-physical therapy breathing exercises.
Training provide by health specialist with background  in breathing exercises.
To help the Swiss in this hard times this training will be offered free of charge for the time being. 
You need Skype to join this session with a camera and microphone. To test your camera and microphone you can use the following site:
Please test your equipment in advance as we cannot help you during the session with technical difficulties.