Prices of trainings and massage

Please note we accept payment only by cash just before a training (no cards are accepted) and a bank transfer booked on our account minimum 3 working days before your first training (please ask us for bank details).


All prices below for maximum 2 participants (for a bigger group please check the information below this table).

Number of trainings

Total price (Price per hour estimation) 20  10 1

Time of training

2h 3290 (80/1h) 1700 (83/1h) 190 (95/1h)
1h30 2850 (93/1h) 1435 (95/1h) 155 (103/1h)
1 h training 1980 (99/1h) 1090 (109/1h) 110 (110/1h)

(link to credit card payment)

1st training   First training costs additional CHF27 administration fee per person
Online training (Skype) CHF 40 30 per 30 min.
Training at home, gym or company
  • No fee if in Plaipalais
  • Additional fee depending on distance from Plainpalais in Geneva.
Subscription for 8 weeks  Once per week 1 hour training 800 (100/1h)
Subscription for 2 and half month  Twice per week 2h training 3375



Private Discovery package Includes:

  • 2 hour training,
  • 1 hour massage,
  • 1 diet program for 1 week based on your preferences.

You save CHF 100!

Stress out
(Any time any place)
  • 2h of VERY intensive boxing punching (or 1h of boxing  and 1 hour of Russian relaxing or sport massage), 
  • any time any place within Geneva as long as we are available,
  • at home and in or nearby your company or favorite gym.
250 (credit card payment link)
Birthday training (with a gift)  Includes:

  • 2 hour of training
  • free gift  e.g. a jumping rope, training wheel,rubber knife,gloves to choose from)
  • a small motivational gift
  • at request wrapped in a decorative paper at your request, to which we can add your birthday card.
  • at request video filming or photo.
250 (credit card payment link)


  • All free equipment above is provided for 1 person.
  • Package of 20 trainings need to be used within 6 months from the moment of payment, package of 10 trainings - 3 months, but not used hours can be added to a new bought package.
  • "Subscription for 1 month"-trainings must happen minimum 1 per week and always the same day of week (or same days of week).
  • Every 40 hours you trained with us, you get one hour of training for free.
  • If you buy a package and after the first training you decide that you do not wish to train anymore, we gurantee we will reimburse you the amount you paid minus payment for 1st training according to the price table above (you need to let us know via email, including your full bank details, the same day that your first training took place that you wish to receive reimboursement, otherwise starting from next day after the day of first training no reimboursement is provided).
  • If you wish to have a look on the quality of offered equipment, used also by professional fighters, we invite you to this page:
  • There can be  maximum 2 persons participating in a personal training within the same price  like for 1 person (for bigger groups each person is charged  addtionally 25 frs  per hour of training). Place, day and time can be chosen by participant/s. (click here for more details about private training) . All bonuses are for one person.
  • If you wish to train in our dojo (starting from your 2nd training), a payment for private training, for a package or minimum 50 frs needs to be booked on our bank account minimum 3 working days before the day of training. We will share the Geneva Boxing bank details upon your reservation.
  • All other conditions for all trainings above are stated on the website:


Conditions for English Boxing

Obligatory equipment: boxing gloves.
 Total price

(Calculated price per 1 month) 

Period of subscription
12 months 6 months 3 months

of trainings

per week

Monday AND Wednesday at 6:45pm 795

(CHF 66)

Includes free gloves.


(CHF 80)


(CHF 130)

Monday OR Wednesday at 6:45pm 755

(CHF 62)

Includes free gloves.


(CHF 76)


(CHF 126)


If refer a friend to our club as a member of our club with a valid subscription and he/she will subscribe for a group training in boxing or self-defense, we will pay to our Swiss current bank account CHF 25 and your friend will receive CHF 25 discount for subscription or sports equipment (please note your friend cannot be a former member of the Geneva Boxing club and has to provide a full payment decreased by the reduction).
 Flexible entries


20 sessions of choice valid for 20 weeks (Monday AND/OR Wendesday, can be combined with self-defense) 500
Flexible entries 40 sessions of choice valid for 10 months

(Monday AND/OR Wendesday, can be combined with self-defense)


You get CHF 80 back***

Discovery pack

(2 weeks of trial)


Deducted fully upon subscription, otherwise free gift upon feedback*

(Link to payment with a credit card)

Subscription fee (or renewal) 50

includes: CHF 5% discount upon first order for sports materials in Geneva Boxing Shop

Conditions for Self - Defense, Systema and Combat 56

Obligatory safety equipment: leather shin guards with foot protection, groin guard (male of female), helmet with mask, mouth guard.

(Calculated price per 1 month) 

2 months 1 month Discovery pack

(2 weeks of trial)



Can be combined with 1 boxing training per week for 1 month.




(reimboursed upon subscription)


Subscription fee (or renewal) 50




  • * Payment for the discovery pack is deducted from a price of subscription only if a person subscribes by the end of 2 weeks trial (last day of training). First training must start immediately after last trial training. If a persons does not subscribe to club, will receive free motivational/boxing gift upon providing a face-to-face feedback about quality of trainings to a trainer during his/her last training.
  • ** Subscription fee is charged for all newcomers and in case if a person will not pay for a training period immediately after finishing his/her training period (in that case re-subscription fee is charged).
  • ***You will receive a coupon for CHF X upon full payment for shopping in GB Shop upon purchase for minimum amount CHF125
  • Please note we do not include our breaks (like christmas, easter break, etc.) in your subscription so you GET REALLY FOR WHAT YOU PAID! 🙂

Russian Martial Art - Systema Singapore25% discount for the first subscription if you are a former member of the Systema Club in Singapore

Before coming for your first training you need to fill in a form below:

Please note some of the insurance companies as well as companies can reimbourse costs of  your trainings and massage.

At request we provide a copy of invoice. Please note that we do not accept payment by cards. You can pay with cash just before a training starts or via bank transfer minimum 3 working days in advance before the day of training. We kindly ask to bring an exact amount if you pay with cash.

If you need any boxing or self-defense equipment, please feel free to contact us. Here you can find overview of that what we offer.


Please feel free to check our diplomas in diet on this site.

Type of massage



1 hour of massage at our office***/your home


10 hours bought in advance of massage

at our office***/your home

100  per 1 hour session


(massage in clothes without oil) at your company

40  per persons (minimum 5 persons)

***Our office address is ClairBois , Rue des Minoteries 11, 1205 Genève- tram 12 stop “Augustins”.


Please feel free to check our diplomas in diet on this site.

1 diet program and 1 hour consultation  (to loose weight, preparation for marathon, etc.)  120
Special price for participants of group or private trainings  100