Combat 56 (l’autodéfense polonaise)


Major Arkadiusz Kups training commandos

Typical Combat 56 training

Kris with Major Arkadiusz Kups

Diploma in Combat 56

Combat 56 is a self-defense system created for Polish special forces by Major Arkadiusz Kups in the early 1990s. The name comes from the special forces unit from Szczecin where he was a trainer.

The system itself can be perceived as a mix of Systema, via usage of body mechanics, with Krav Maga, reflected in weak points. However, as this system is used by police, the strikes are only used as so called "shocker" to distract the opponent, but comparing to Krav Maga every strike should bring only a temporary pain and each technique should be finalized by default with putting an opponent to the ground.

This system with military origins was adapted for civilians, but it is also successfully used by:

  • police,
  • security services related to the protection of persons and property,
  • prison guards,
  • border guards,
  • city guards.

This system is currently mainly practiced in Poland, but Major Kups during his international boot camps has guests from France, Italy, Germany and Czech Republic that come to the country to train this system.

The other part of system is a survival and adventure part during boot camps organized once per year in Poland that should reflect the commando lifestyle.  Combat 56 team of instructors has organized many projects for international companies in the form of integration events.

During sparrings, dangerous techniques, such as strike to eyes, are not used in the contact. Sparrings take place in two phases:

  1. from a standing position - in that case one hits to a face with an open hand, and with a fist to a body, kicks are allowed
  2. fight on a ground floor ending with an appropriate self-defense submission finishing

Another type of sparring is the case when one of persons has gloves and an opponent tries to bring him or her to the ground floor and submit an opponent in a self-defense style.

Only those who have a long training experience can fight. Sparrings are done in a helmet with a mask, groin guard (man or women one), a mouth guard and in some cases shin guard with a foot protection. This system is recommended for persons who are minimum 18 years old.